John Jay Gourmet


WHAT'S IT CALLED: Jean Jait Parfait


WHAT'S IN IT:  The Jean Jait Parfait features a delicate blend of viciously delicious vanilla yogurt, bumpin’ banana slices, mixed in with golden brown sugar. In addition, coconut slices lovingly topped add a creamy savor that excites your taste buds while adding the relaxing tone of summer.


WHAT IT TASTES LIKE:  The taste of summer is finally upon our dry, coffee stained lips! What better way to celebrate than by having a gigantuous scoop of the Jean Jait Parfait? The warm summer rays upon your vitamin D starved skin as you walk out of Butler have got nothing on this! Taking a bite of this is like relaxing on a secluded beach while puppies and kittens play on your lap after a hard days work and the grand finale of the Fourth of July parade is in full session. If you really want a taste of summer, skip the overrated ice cream and spiked lemonade, and take a bit of the Jean Jait Parfait. 


Notable Enthusiasts: Stephanie Nass and Clemens Auersperg