You Asked, We Listened!


Based on student feedback from our Customer Satisfaction Survey, Columbia Dining has implemented several changes.  Below are just a few highlights:

You asked for...

  • More Vegetarian and Vegan Options
  • More Variety at the Ferris Booth Commons Pasta Station
  • More Low-fat and Healthy Salad Dressings
  • Smaller Portions in Retail
  • More Fish on our Menu

And here is what we are doing about it...

  • We have added a “Today’s Menu Highlights” sign in John Jay, JJ's and Ferris Booth which highlights vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options each day.  We also added new vegetarian and vegan options to JJ’s weekly menu cycle, as well as more vegan soups in John Jay and Ferris Booth.
  • We have added shitake mushrooms and shredded mozzarella cheese to the Ferris Booth pasta station.  These were the top choices from our Facebook poll.
  • We have added healthier, Ken’s brand salad dressings to John Jay and Ferris Booth, which display nutrition facts and ingredients.
  • Uris Deli and Lenfest Cafe have added smaller salads and half sandwiches and Café 212 is downsizing their large Kaiser rolls to English muffins for breakfast.
  • Fish has been incorporated more often into the menu cycles at Ferris Booth and John Jay.

Also, for each survey submitted Columbia Dining promised to donate $.50 to the Broadway Presbyterian Church Soup Kitchen.  As a result we were able to provide food for the Soup Kitchen's annual hunger banquet. The event raises awareness of the effects of hunger and poverty nationally, and specifically in New York City, and raises funds for the Community Lunch soup kitchen and pantry.

Thank you to all who participated!