Can I get a Kosher Dining Plan?


Yes! There are two Kosher Dining Plans available:

1. Columbia University Kosher Dining Plan

Once you enroll in any of the Columbia Dining Plans (first year or otherwise), you may elect to participate in the Kosher Dining Plan for an additional 10% fee. This allows you access to a restricted kosher area within John Jay Dining Hall that serves a full array of kosher items (entrees, side dishes and vegetables served daily). You can sign up at any time throughout the semester by going to 118 Hartley Hall or by calling 212-854-4076.

2. Barnard College Kosher Dining Plan

The Barnard College Kosher Dining Plan provides kosher 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. High quality food, including freshly-made pizza and a great salad bar, is conveniently located in Barnard's main dining facility, Hewitt Hall. Both Barnard and Columbia students can enjoy their meals in comfort with the rest of the student population. The Kosher dining plan is strictly supervised k'halakhah by the Columbia/Barnard Hillel Rabbi. Additionally, the Barnard Kosher Dining Plan provides a homey atmosphere for Shabbat, Yom Tov and other festive occasions. For more information, please contact Barnard Dining Services.