Fall 2020 Dining Information

Updated 8/14/20

We are currently adjusting our operational plans based on the University announcement on Friday, August 14. This provides general information about Columbia Dining operations for the AY 2020-21 term. Details will be updated as planning continues.

Dining Operations

Yes, and we look forward to seeing you in the Dining halls! While we're still determining operating plans, we'll be on campus preparing some of our long-time fan favorite dishes. The Columbia Dining team has put their creative foot forward and will be introducing an array of new menu offerings, such as fusion bowls, vegan omelets, and taro ice cream, to name a few.  

Food service will be take-out only to start the year. Options will include traditional hot and cold foods, as well as an enhanced selection of prepared grab-and-go items. In addition, the Dining team is very excited to introduce Chef Mike’s Market, which will be situated in the 4th Floor Dining Room in Ferris Booth, as well as in King’s Table. These markets will allow for students to choose from a variety of hot and cold food options while on the go, including a complete, ready-to-go entrée for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.  

Unfortunately, no. To start, meal service is take-out only. All take out containers, cold cups and utensils are compostable. 

As state guidance and public health protocols allow, the Dining halls will eventually be equipped with very limited seating to ensure everyone’s safety while implementing social-distancing protocol. 

Columbia Dining will be operating and ready to serve students, but locations and hours are still to be determined. Keep an eye on dining.columbia.edu and our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information.

The coffee is ready and our Blue Java team members can’t wait to serve you! While we no longer offer self-serve stations, our retail operations will still be open. All food and beverage options will either be served or packaged to-go.

Special events are kind of our thing, but unfortunately, large group gatherings are not permitted at this time. Chef Mike and our culinary team, however, have been hard at work creating special themed meals and celebrations that will allow students to enjoy these Columbia Dining staples, while being able to take their food to-go. Keep an eye on the Dining website and our Facebook page for further information. 

Health and Safety

Columbia Dining is committed to providing our community with a world-class experience, with safety as a priority. In partnership with the Columbia Health administration, our Dining team has been trained on COVID-19 and the measures that we can take to prevent the spread of virus. Our team also works closely with an outside sanitation consultant, who is on campus weekly to ensure we are meeting all COVID requirements.  

Daily measures Columbia Dining is taking include: 

  • frequent hand washing and glove use reinforced to all staff.   

  • serving areas in the dining halls are fitted with clear safety guards.   

  • increased cleaning of high-touch surfaces using a disinfectant.   

  • all food in our serveries will be distributed by Dining staff. There will be no self-service food stations. 

  • hand sanitizing stations available in all Dining outlets.   

  • meal service changed to single-use paper (compostable) and individually wrapped utensils; all meals will be served to-go to help reinforce physical distancing.   

  • Managers on the floor at all times, helping to reinforce these practices with both staff and students.  

Unfortunately, no. For the safety of our campus community, we must ask that students use the to-go glasses provided by Dining.

Yes. Students and staff are expected to remain at least 6 feet apart, except for when accepting food from Dining team members. We ask that you please follow signage and queuing in the Dining halls to ensure that physical distancing is always being practiced.

Yes. All students and staff must wear a face covering in public spaces. Even though your Dining team friends will have face coverings on, please know that we continue to wear a smile underneath the mask. We are always here to answer your questions or concerns and look forward to serving you!

Devices have been installed at all cashier stations in both our dining hall and retail operations. Students can swipe their own cards, without having to hand their ID to a cashier.

No, your health is most important to us! If you have a fever, please contact Columbia Health immediately. Otherwise, please monitor your symptoms and refrain from entering public spaces. If possible, arrange for a friend to leave meals at your residence door.

Dining Plans

Changes to the Dining Plan for the Fall term can be made within the first two weeks of the term. The change form will be available during this time period to submit a change request. You can find this change request form here on the Dining website during the change period.

No. Students who signed up for a Dining Plan but are not living on campus will not be charged for the cost of the Dining Plan selected. If you return to campus for the spring or summer term, you can reactivate your Plan.

Yes! Students living off campus may keep their Dining Plan and visit Columbia Dining outlets to pick up food. Remember that food service is takeout only at this time, so please plan accordingly.