Our culinary team, including our Chefs and Managers, have all received formal education and training in the culinary arts from respected institutions. Columbia Dining also offers continuous learning opportunities through annual trainings with the esteemed Culinary Institute of America (CIA).

2022: Grains, Legumes and Developing Modern Flavor Profiles

The Columbia Dining culinary team participated in a three-day training intensive led by Chef Lisa Brefere and Chef Chris Muller from the Culinary Institute of America. The team learned how to combine different flavor profiles to create modern dishes that are bright, flavorful, and nutritious with a focus on grain and legume-based dishes. The team prepared 50 dishes during the training, including Ratatouille, Black Bean Cakes, Parmesan Risotto, Striped Bass, Braised Beef, and more.

Chef Lisa Brefere, the CEO of Gigachef Hospitality Group and and Chef Chris Muller, Culinary Director of Le Bernardin are both consultants of the Culinary Institute of America, and led the three-day session. Columbia Dining participated in both lessons and in-kitchen instruction.

2019: Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai Cuisines

Columbia Dining hosted Master Chef James Hanyzeski and Chef Sam Hazen from the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Over the course of just three days, Chefs James and Sam led Dining staff in a cooking intensive of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai cuisines. 

The goal of the education session was not only to provide a continued learning opportunity for the Dining staff, but to uphold a commitment to the student community. This training enables Columbia chefs to prepare authentic dishes that give some of our students the taste of home – and a more delicious meal for all.

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