You talk and we listen! This month's feedback...

JJ's Place, November 10, 2018

Are the chicken wings served in JJ's halal certified? Thanks!


Hi, thanks for posting! JJ's chicken breast is halal certified! The JJ's chicken wings are not halal. Feel free to ask a manager on the floor at JJ's if you need further clarification!

Hope to see you soon!



- Christina Apollonio , General Manager, JJ's
John Jay Dining Hall, October 30, 2018

Can you please bring back chocolate chip and blueberry muffins in the morning. They are so much better than the cranberry and cornbread ones. Thanks you.


 You got it! We love the chocolate chip & blueberry muffins, too! Look for them at John Jay real soon! 

- Joe Walsh , General Manager, John Jay
Blue Java - Butler, October 24, 2018

Having free access to hot potable water is a human right. Could you please provide free hot water in Butler ? Thanks.


Hi! Thanks for posting here! Feel free to ask us for free hot water anytime! You can bring your own mug or pay $.82 for a cup. Hope to see you soon!

- Hazel Clark , Manager, Blue Java Cafe, Lerner Hall, & Butler