Food Allergies

Columbia Dining is committed to ensuring students with food allergies have a safe and enjoyable dining experience in our campus locations.

Our commitment begins with Registered Dietitian Bianca Tamburello and Executive Chef Mike DeMartino, who consult individually with students that have food allergies and then together develop a personalized meal plan.

Our culinary and kitchen teams are educated on various food allergies and sensitivities, including training to prevent cross-contamination and taking the management of food allergies seriously.  Managers across each Dining unit are available to address any questions and concerns that may arise.

To set up a personalized consultation, contact Bianca Tamburello, RD.


Student Testimonials

“I've been incredibly satisfied with the services Columbia Dining has been providing. You often have all the things I ask for and you've been protecting me from cross contamination. The food is also very tasty.  Thank you so much.”

I just wanted to let you know that I have been more than happy with the accommodations and services everyone at John Jay/JJ's have provided me with last semester and so far this semester! I must say, knowing that there are food options every day that I can eat, despite having several food allergies, is extremely comforting. The services that Columbia Dining provides for students with allergies have been above and beyond my expectations, and I cannot be more pleased with how incredibly nice and accommodating everyone has been. I am so appreciative to have delicious, allergen-free meals prepared -- it has significantly improved my Columbia experience. Thank you so much!!”

“I absolutely love my specialized dining plan!  Columbia Dining has been making delicious food that is at the same time perfectly meeting my dietary needs and now I have a bright spot in every day when I get to go pick up my meal.  It's so much more convenient than I'd expected and the chefs are all so friendly.  Thanks again for helping me discover such a great solution to my dining problem.”