Kosher Meal Plan at John Jay Dining Hall

Any student who participates in a meal plan (first-year, upperclass, GS or graduate student plan) can elect to enroll in Columbia's Kosher Meal Plan. Those who participate are given access to a designated Kosher area within John Jay, allowing them to enjoy meals right alongside their Columbia classmates and friends. All of our Kosher food is supplied by Fresko which is under the supervision of Star-K.


The Kosher Deli

The Kosher Deli is Columbia’s only all-Kosher dining option, offering students traditional Kosher grab-n-go deli items like sandwiches and salads. The convenient location in John Jay Dining Hall makes it easy for students to grab a bite on their way to and from class.


Retail Locations

Kosher items are also available at most of the retail locations on campus and include everything from grab-n-go sandwiches to gourmet salads. We’re constantly looking for fresh ideas to improve retail kosher offerings, so please send your suggestions to

You can also visit Café Nana, a kosher restaurant/lounge launched, operated, and managed by five Columbia and Barnard students, on the second floor of the Columbia/Barnard Hillel - Kraft Center.


Additional Resources for Kosher Students

For more information on our Kosher Meal Plan, feel free to email us at  To learn more about the Kosher Meal Plan offered through Barnard College, here is a list of useful resources: