Are you a #1 Dining Fan?

Be among the first 25 Columbia Dining Plan Holders to visit each Columbia Dining location (residential and retail) and win a custom branded Yeti tumbler, plus a lifelong claim to fame as a #1 Dining Fan.

September 19, 2022

Do you love Columbia Dining? No, really, do you love Columbia Dining? Now's your chance to prove it!

How to Win a Custom Branded Yeti Tumbler

....and prove that you are a true Columbia Dining fan.

  1. Make a purchase by meal swipe, Dining Dollars, or Flex at every Columbia Dining location between September 20 and September 30. Locations include:
    • Residential: Chef Mike's Sub Shop, Faculty House, Ferris Booth Commons, JJ's Place, and John Jay
    • Retail: Blue Java Butler, Blue Java Lerner, Blue Java Mudd and Blue Java Uris
  2. Submit this form so we can verify your visits to each location. If you are among the first 25 to visit each location and submit your form, you'll win a branded Yeti!

Winners will be notified after September has ended.

The Fine Print

  • Open to Columbia Dining Plan Holders only
  • Purchases must be made by:
    • Meal swipe at John Jay, JJ's Place, Faculty House, Ferris and Chef Mike's Sub Shop
    • Dining Dollars or Flex at Blue Java locations
  • Credit card purchases will not count towards your submission.
  • You must make a purchase at all locations between September 20 and September 30. Purchases made outside this period will not count towards your submission.