First-Year Dining Plans

Making Sure You're Well Fed At Columbia

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Required for First-Year Students

All First-Year students at Columbia College and SEAS are required to enroll in one of three First-Year Dining Plans.

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Building Community

Available to First-Year CC/SEAS students only, these plans are specifically designed to encourage community building among new undergraduate students.

First-Year Plan Highlights

Each First-Year Dining Plan includes (specific number of meals, Dining Dollars, and Flex varies depending on the Dining Plan selected):

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Flexible Meal Options
  • 15 or 19 meals per week, which can be redeemed at John Jay Dining Hall, Ferris Booth Commons, or JJ's Place. These meals expire each week and reset each Sunday.
  • 10 - 15 floating meals per term that can be used at the three main dining halls. Use floating meals when your exceed your weekly allotment, at any time within the term.
  • 6 guest meals per term for when family and friends come to visit.
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Dining Dollars
  • All plans include 25 - 125 Dining Dollars per term, which can be used just like cash at any of our 10 dining locations.
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  • Plan 3 Flex is the only First-Year Dining Plan that includes Flex.
  • Plan 3 Flex includes the lowest number of Dining Dollars but also includes a credit of $50 per term to Flex, which will roll over year-to-year if unused. 

First-Year Plan Comparison

*Academic Year 2022-23 costs are a projection. Final rates pending.

Select or Review Your First-Year Dining Plan

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Sign-Up Through the Housing Portal

First-Year Dining Plans are selected within the Columbia Undergraduate Housing Portal at the same time that you sign your occupancy agreement before coming to Columbia.

  • Once your Occupancy Agreement has been signed and your Dining Plan selected, there are no cancellations.
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Dining Plan Changes

The Dining Plan change period for Spring Semester 2023 will begin on Wednesday, January 11 and end on Thursday, January 26. You can also review your plan selection on our new Dining Plan Selection site.

You can also review your plan selection on our new Dining Plan Selection site.