Flex is a dollar-for-dollar declining balance account that Columbia students, faculty and staff can add funds to as they wish. Flex allows you to use your Columbia ID to pay for goods and services at all 12 Dining locations as well as a number of other on and off-campus merchants.

Who can use it?

All enrolled students, faculty, and staff of Columbia University.

Where can it be used?

At 10 on-campus dining locations, including John Jay Dining Hall, Ferris Booth Commons, and JJ's Place, as well as the University bookstore, campus vending machines, and the Hartley Hospitality Desk. Flex can also be used for purchases at many off-campus locations, with more to come. Please note that alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and gift cards cannot be purchased through Flex.

How long does it take for the transaction to occur when using it off-campus?

A typical transaction takes 30 to 45 seconds to complete. We have heard from you that this is longer than you had hoped, so we are exploring ways to expedite the process.

When does it expire?

Your Flex account rolls over from year to year, but expires upon graduation.

Is it tax-free?

No, taxes will be applied to all purchases.

How do I sign up or add money onto my account?

Students will automatically have the Flex account on their ID cards when they arrive at Columbia. Columbia students may add money onto their accounts through SSOL or at the Customer Service Center in 118 Hartley Hall. For the safety of our community, only undergraduate students living on campus can add value at the Hartley Hospitality desk at this time.

How can I check my Flex balance?

Your Flex account can be accessed through SSOL. Once logged in, navigate to Columbia card, then cardholder transactions, and then select Flex account balance. 

How can I travel to the off-campus locations?

The Columbia Evening Shuttle will provide transportation to and from Fairway from 7:00pm - 11:00pm on scheduled stops every half-hour. If students want to shop from 11:00pm to 2:00am, they will need to call the safety escort at (212) 854-SAFE (7233) to be picked up. All other locations are within walking distance from the University.

Questions, Comments, or Feedback on the Flex Program

In order to constantly improve this program, we need feedback from you. Please send any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have to [email protected]