Robert F. Smith Dining Hall

Current Seating Capacity 

Occuspace is the creator of privacy-friendly occupancy monitoring sensors that determine how busy spaces are in real time. The sensors detect WiFi and Bluetooth signals from electronic devices to estimate the number of occupants in the building and do not collect any personally identifiable information.

What’s on the Menu

Photo of pistachio muffin, black coffee in a cup, and breakfast pastry with nuts
Breakfast Pastries
Salad with croutons, shrimp, broccoli, lettuce, and vinaigrette
Gourmet Salads
Close up of sandwich on a seed bun with lettuce, tomato, cheese, pesto sauce, and salami
E.A.T. Sandwiches by Eli Zabar
Refrigerator with orange juice, apples, water, yogurts
Healthy Snacks
Close up of chocolate chip cookies by Jacques Torres
Cookies by Jacques Torres
Columbia Dining staff smiling into the camera and preparing coffee. Additional Columbia dining staff member in the background
Coffee & Espresso Bar