Dining Plans

We understand the dynamics of student life

One day you need to grab a quick bite on the way to class and the next you want to enjoy dinner with friends. We've create a variety of options to allow you to dine according to your lifestyle and schedule. The common thread, of course, is that you will always enjoy fresh, healthy and delicious food served in a welcoming environment.

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A Plan for Everyone

There's a plan to suit almost every need, include 3 plans for First-Year students and 10 plan options for Upperclass students. 

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Required for First-Year Students

To help our new students make a smooth and healthy transition to campus living, First-Year students are required to enroll in a Dining Plan.

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A Great Value for Upperclass Students

Dining plans are convenient and a great value for Upperclass, GS, and Graduate students, but are not required.

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Meet Our Dining Plan Manager

Rosie Fernandez is responsible for managing the selection and changing of Dining Plans. She can answer questions or provide guidance and recommendations based on your individual needs.

Use the contact form to email Rosie or call her at 212-854-4076.

Choosing A Plan

Signing up for a Dining Plan is easy, but that doesn't mean you should rush through the process. Take a little time to think about your eating habits, your schedule for the upcoming semester, and any special dietary needs you may have so that you make the best choice for you.

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    Review + Compare

    Review the Dining Plan options to see what's included and to compare various plans.

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    Consider Your Needs

    Think about how you typically work meals into your day. Will you need to eat off-campus often? Do you have special dietary needs? Take notes to refer to during sign-up.

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    Sign Up for a Dining Plan

    Once you're ready, Click the appropriate button below to begin comparing plans.

    Dining Plan Highlights

    Below are key features of all our Dining Plans, providing you with options to match your lifestyle and eating habits.

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    Each plan includes a certain number of meals per week or per term for use at our dining halls.

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    Dining Dollars and Flex

    Most plans include Dining Dollars, which can be used at any of our on campus locations, and some include Flex, an account that you can add dollars to and access with your Columbia ID to purchase items from merchants on and off-campus.

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    Special Dietary Needs

    We work hard to provide options for those with food allergies and other special dietary needs, including a selection of Halal and Kosher meals, and vegan and gluten-free alternatives.  

    Dining Dollars and Flex

    Dining Dollars and Flex are included in many of our Dining Plans, but did you know you can also purchase Dining Dollars and add money to Flex separately? Here's an overview of Dining Dollars and Flex that explains how they are different and their value to you. If you still have questions, check our FAQs page for everything related to Dining Plans!

    Which type of student are you?

    Make a selection below to review Dining Plans designed especially for you.

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    First-Year Student

    You are beginning your first year at Columbia College or Engineering.

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    Student Dining Plans

    You are an upperclass student in Columbia College or Engineering, or a General Studies, Graduate, or Teachers College student.