To-Go, Together 2023

Find out how you and your friends can be entered for a chance to win $100 Flex each just by eating with Columbia Dining. 

August 31, 2023

What would you do with $100 Flex? Participate in our To-Go, Together campaign to be entered for a chance to win ~free~ Flex dollars to spend on sushi, iced coffee, bubble tea, and so much more. Entries into the To-Go, Together campaign will be accepted until September 30, 2023.

Dining is all about enjoying your meal with friends - even when it's not in the dining halls. We love helping you build your community at Columbia and can't wait to see your favorite spaces to hang with your crew!

Students sitting in a circle on a South Field lawn

How to Play

  1. Form a group of 7-10 Columbia Dining Plan Holders
  2. Split up to get your lunch! Each group member needs to take a meal to go from a different dining hall. You must have at least one meal from these dining locations to enter:
    1. Chef Mike's Sub Shop
    2. Chef Don's Pizza Pi
    3. Ferris Booth Commons
    4. The Fac Shack
    5. Grace Dodge
    6. John Jay
    7. JJ's Place
  3. Meet up for lunch anywhere on or off-campus and take a group pic
  4. Share your pic to your story and tag us @ColumbiaDining
  5. DM us the UNIs of all group members so we can enter you into a raffle to win $100 Flex per person

The Fine Print

  • Only open to Columbia Dining Plan Holders
  • Groups must be at least 7 members and no larger than 10 members
  • Your group must have at least one meal from each of these locations: Chef Mike's Sub Shop, Chef Don's Pizza Pi, Ferris Booth Commons, the Fac Shack, Grace Dodge, John Jay, and JJ's Place
  • Meal swipes from all group members need to be within a 60-minute period. We will use your UNIs to verify
  • You must pay for the meal by meal swipe. Meals purchased with Dining Dollars, Flex, or by credit card will not count towards the submission
  • You may only participate once
  • Submissions will be accepted through September 30, 2023