Any student who participates in a dining plan has access to our Halal station in John Jay and halal menu offerings at other locations.

The following chart shows our halal guidelines by food group.

food identification key for halal

Eating Halal at Columbia

A delicious variety of traditionally prepared meats, such as Mediterranean fish, roasted lemon chicken, and curried beef, are among the items offered on our menu at John Jay Dining Hall where we have a Halal station.

All grilled chicken breast served at John Jay, Ferris, and JJ’s is halal and all bone-in chicken at John Jay and Ferris is halal. In addition, the pepperoni served on the pizza at Ferris is halal. To help students in finding halal options, we will also label menu items with a light blue “H”. Below are the guidelines for our halal label, “H” identification. 

What menu items are labeled with the “H”?

Menu items labeled with the “H” identification label contain ONLY halal ingredients and are free from non-halal ingredients including, but not limited to pork, non-halal meat, non-halal seafood, alcohol, and foods with non-halal enzymes and additives.

How do we keep halal foods halal?

We practice proper food handling techniques to keep halal foods halal. Halal items are prepared on clean surfaces with clean utensils, pans, trays, etc. We also separate the preparation of non-halal and halal foods to eliminate the potential for contamination.