Hazel Clark

Hazel Clark is the Assistant General Manager, Manhattanville Operations at the Commons and the Cafe. Hazel originally joined Columbia University in November 1984 as kitchen staff. After a few computer courses, Hazel became an accounts receivable administrator in John Jay, enabling her to draw from her prior accounting experience in Panama City. Later, she was promoted to manager, where she led the JJ’s Place opening team. Following her success, she was appointed to open Ferris Booth Commons, an experience she believes was her biggest opportunity at Columbia. She then went on to manage Blue Java Mudd, Lenfest Cafe, and Uris Deli. Hazel is the recipient of the Robert Leer Service Award, an honor given each year to a member of the faculty, administration, or staff who clearly demonstrates commitment to working with students. Hazel was born in the Republic of Panama, where she graduated from Gaston Faraudo, an accounting school in Panama City.