The Monthly Special: Roar-ee's Birthday Dinner

On Friday, October 21, we celebrated our favorite lion’s birthday and the start of 2022 Homecoming weekend.

October 25, 2022

Every year, he gets a little older, a little wiser, and even cuter: who is it? It’s Roar-ee!

Our favorite lion celebrated another year around the sun this past week. We, of course, chose to celebrate the only way we know how: with good food and good fun!

Serving up Tailgate Classics

As the unofficial start to Homecoming weekend, Roar-ee’s Birthday menu is full of all your favorite tailgate dishes: chili, sausage and peppers, and warm autumn beverages like hot chocolate and hot apple cider. We take good food seriously!

Everybody Gets a Blanket!

The first event attendees were given a University branded blanket. TBH, there may have been more excitement for the blankets than for the birthday Lion….. Just kidding! Even Roar-ee was excited for the blanket. 

A Meet & Greet with the Lion of the Hour

What does Roar-ee love more than a photo op? A photo op with his Columbia fans, of course! We hope you got a chance to snap a pic with the one and only Roar-ee.

Thanks to our Amazing Staff

Per usual, our staff are the true MVPs of events. They make sure all the magic happens!