Columbia Dining Updates to Occuspace Online Capacity Indicator

March 31, 2023

Columbia Dining has launched its integration with Occuspace, a new technology vendor partner, to improve accuracy of the existing capacity indicator on the website for Dining Hall locations.
Occuspace is the creator of privacy-friendly occupancy monitoring sensors that determine how busy spaces are in real time. By capturing real-time capacity in a space, Occuspace is helping Universities more accurately understand, control, and improve the way their spaces are being used to enhance the student experience and increase efficiencies.
The sensors detect WiFi and Bluetooth signals from electronic devices to estimate the number of occupants in the location. Occuspace does not collect or store any personally identifiable information.
This is an update to an existing feature on the website to allow students to assess the capacity at the dining halls, before heading to the location. The Occuspace integration has been coordinated with Columbia Dining by the Facilities and Operations space planning team.