Dining will Start Spring 2022 with To-Go Service

January 13, 2022

We’re so excited to welcome students back for spring term! During the first week of classes, Columbia Dining will offer to-go dining service only per University public health guidance. At this time, indoor dining will not be permitted at any of our locations.  

Improvements for Spring To-Go Dining 

We’ll still be serving the food you know and love, but to-go. Below are some changes to improve your experience, our operations, and our sustainability during this period.  

All Eco-Containers, All the (To-Go) Time 

After you tap your card, you’ll be handed an eco-container to use as your main to-go container. You can fill it up like you would your plate – whatever looks good to you.  

During the fall, we used an unsustainable amount of large compostable containers (more than we want to count). To reduce both the paper waste of the containers, and the associated food waste they encouraged, we’re pivoting to eco-containers as the primary to-go container. 

Eco-Containers will be offered to everyone, free of charge, regardless of whether you do or don’t have a token from last semester. Be sure to bring your eco-container back the next time you dine so that we can wash it for you (our friends at the DOH insist). Eco-Containers can be picked up and returned at any residential dining location: John Jay, JJ’s Place, Ferris Booth Commons, and Columbia Dining @ Faculty House. 

Please remember, no personal containers, bottles or tote bags are permitted. 

More Options 

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve got *so many* options! Since the start of this academic year, we’ve expanded our operations to include: 

Plus all your usual favorites at John Jay, JJ’s Place, Ferris, and Blue Java coffee locations.

To-go service at John Jay, JJ’s Place, Ferris Booth Commons, and Columbia Dining @ Faculty House will continue to be for Dining plan holders by meal swipe only. No guest swipes, Dining Dollars or Flex. While you can’t use guest swipes for another person – remember you can use them for yourself for additional to-go containers.