The Monthly Special: Student Winners from Battle of the Dining Halls & the 2023 Survey

Raffle winners from the Battle of the Dining Halls recently curated special meals or attended cooking classes with the Columbia Dining team with raffle winners from the 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey. Here are the highlights.

April 28, 2023

Plate-O's Symposium: John Jay dinner curated by Teodora

Teodora (SEAS '24) worked with Chef Mike and Chef Christian to plan a full dinner menu at each station in John Jay held on March 28. 

She chose to host a traditional Greek feast inspired by both Columbia’s commitment to the classics, her love for the cuisine, and a nod to the coming Spring weather. 

Teodora with John, Chef Mike, and Chef Christian in the John Jay kitchen ready to prep dinner

On the day of the event, Teodora joined Chef Mike, Chef Christian and the John Jay culinary team in the kitchen to prep for the meal.

Students were treated to a feast of Chicken and Vegetable kabobs at the grill paired with Greek Fries, Beef or Beyond Beef Moussaka, Carved Roast Lamb, Greek Salad, plus inspired drinks and desert.

The Dining team had as much as Teodora, who said “This event was such a success! The food was delicious and so many people approached me to tell me that. Thank you for making me and my friends feel very special today. It was a blast and I am very lucky that the dining team was able to plan this with me.”

Luna Frita Sub: Cuban-Inspired sub by Katherine

Katherine (SEAS '23) worked with Chef Mike to design a sub that was served at Chef Mike's Sub Shop on April 6. 

The Luna Frita - named after Katherine's dog - was made of ground beef, smoked gouda and shredded lettuce topped with potato sticks and a spicy mayo sauce. 

Mozzarella-Making Class with Chef Mike & Chef Don

Raffle drawing winners from Battle of the Dining Halls and the 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey were invited to a mozzarella-making class with Chef Mike and Chef Don on April 21. Students learned to stretch and knead cheese curds in hot water to form their very own mozzarella!