The Winners of the Chef Mike's Sub Shop Contest

We sifted through more than 350 submissions to find the most delicious ideas for new subs at Chef Mike's Sub Shop. There were many contenders, but only the best of the best deserve to be served at Chef Mike's! 

April 01, 2022

Stop by Chef Mike's Sub Shop on May 12 and 13 to give these subs a try!

Hot Sub Winners

  • Vegan siracha seitan with avocado slices, bell pepper, and ranch, submitted by Sarah Wang
  • Hot honey chicken with mozzarella, submitted by Marvia Pressoir

Cold Sub Winners

  • Korean BBQ ribs with pickled veggies, siracha mayo, and spicy peppers, submitted by Benjamin Sharpe
  • Vegan falafel sandwich with hummus, lettuce, and tomato, submitted by Zaid Sahawneh