The Monthly Special: Black History Month

What does the celebration of Black History Month look like to a food-driven organization? For Columbia Dining, it's an opportunity to celebrate the many contributions made to the culinary world by Black Chefs both within and beyond our team. Our Black History Month events included special menus and dishes curated by our own talented Black culinary staff, as well a feature event with a local Black chef and restaurateur. 

March 16, 2023

A Month-Long Celebration of our Black Culinary Achievement

February 1: Seafood Boil by Amin

Inspired by his travel around the southern United States and Cajun cuisine, Amin's celebration of Black History Month featured a traditional seafood boil.

February 7: Chef Meet and Eat with Chef Chris Scott of Butterfunk Biscuit Co.

Chef Scott is known for his signature soul food with a twist. Born and raised in a small town outside of Philadelphia, Chef Scott was inspired by his grandmother’s southern flavors and the German and Dutch cuisine of the Amish community around him. 

At our Chef Meet & Eat event, Chef Scott served:

  • Southern fried biscuit donuts with cinnamon sugar and dulce de leche
  • Avocado toast biscuit: mashed avocado, tomato jam, egg, roasted plum tomato
  • Crispy fried chicken biscuit: Chef Scott’s famous lemonade buttermilk fried chicken, whipped pimento cheese, hot honey, bread and butter pickles

Watch video from the event.

February 8: Caribbean Menu by Marc and Kaleema

The Caribbean-themed menu served at John Jay was inspired by Marc's Jamaican heritage and culture. Featured dishes included jerk pork chops, brown stew chicken, and curried shrimp. Kaleema's homemade carrot juice was the perfect compliment to the spices and flavors of Caribbean cuisine.

February 15: Chicken & Dumplings by Jazmin and Tim, and Banana Pudding by Patrice

For Jazmin, Tim and Patrice, Black History Month is an opportunity to share the recipes and stories of their families. Their dishes are inspired by family recipes.

February 16 & 23: Crystal's Jerk Chicken & Curry Goat

Inspired by her Jamaican roots, Crystal curated two meals for Black History Month: jerk chicken with spicy slaw and corn on the cob, and curry goat. 

Thank you to our staff and Chef Scott for a delicious and inspirational month!